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About Scratch My Pork


Matthew Brownie, originally from New Zealand is the proud owner of ‘The Skibbereen Food Company’. This is the story of Scratch My Pork and how he brought pork crackling to Ireland.


Matthew, Pork Crackling Flavour Genius and Chef extraordinaire, has over twenty years professional chef experience. He has Chef experience in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and throughout continental Europe. Matthew has called West Cork his home since 2008 and is currently working in Kinsale at Macdonlad Kinsale Hotel & Spa & is now representing the Simply Better Brand at Dunne Stores stationed in Bishopstown, Cork.


Chef Matthew Brownie of The No Nonsense Food Company

Matthew first developed the idea of the unique snack with the distinct flavourings after studying Culinary Arts at Cork Institute of Technology in 2011. While using new product development methods, and incorporating British, Irish and a bit of Kiwi gastronomy, he created the delicious snack. The pork crackling with an Irish twist, Scratch My Pork and The Skibbereen Food Company was born!

With a national distributor, looking after The Skibbereen Food Company’s product range is a success story that no one saw coming!

Scratch My Pork are available in three flavours Salted, Smokey & our newest flavour Salt ‘n’ Vinegar.
The snacks are MSG Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and High in Protein.
Scratch My Pork delicious snacks are now available in shops across Ireland.
If you have any questions about Scratch My Pork, get in touch with us!

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